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Special  outonomy score have faillure and now born papua and west papua united acceleration  development  (UP4B)

After score special outonomy has fail so start born up4b because many problem not capability to can find solution in west papua. Alhought give special outonomi and many event conflict any where in all  west papua also give one symbol  that has fail. So why it is very capability so president of indonsian have get out about UP4B to land conflict west papua. Now us look why capability take to track evolution in west papua or not stagnan with out evolution and  capability find solution. But here I writer think this only isues and why president of republic Indonesian give provocation it is very to not speak about independence or divortion from state union Republic Indonesia.

This matter can,t find solution another beside enemy, our must applicant to people out    to look our problem because they self never finis up this prolem  with presence of had but always solution with shooting to society not have weapon many happen so must quickly finish up this problem. Never wait of time this as one moment time resolution in west papua, never dance government on society  fo they  land, god give to life with prosperous in west papua so our young suggestion,    Not other government  and they think capability life with of nature which god surrend to this society it is very not hand up other and first in  government Indonesian to next time. But this all only hear voice and which oppress firmly in deterence from people have army and cant justice with other in west papua.

Activist from west papua which put feel simpatism with consensus self less not more of many can calculate with finger so impact, many voice from consensus appease in world international. So we try why can sight of society appease and assistance to  voice can’t to fellow it is very vote in international to take in tribunal it is very which victim able any justice of law in front society papua. Cause this time they feel unjustice on do law Indonesian in west papua impact they must sight to they goverment which unknow with voices violence.

Don,t worry if violent must on foot every day in purpose to want take they in front they council to demand justice in they land west papua as creature of god. Then what response of Jakarta? Have heard but cheat unknown on voice of and many rule to start do in west papua to make provocative. Cause content ask they separate of unity state republic Indonesian. Like what I,am take topic have failure special outonomi? Because this one efident that failure namely:  need fundamentalist never face in land papua, health of not road, program economic many society life in poverty, in program of education also never appearance. So writer think this very failure cause realityes not writer make self unhave efident.

We also very support cause they this life  of poverty, what use state this appearance another society if became poor or make poverty.  All real very have failure so never any protect. Non sense if government hand road in unity state of republic Indonesian. Our unknow why strart born program of government come in another in society west papua? If make prosperous consensus or make terror in this land because special outonomy only never change until consensus papua speak every and say special outonomy have fail so no our oppress and our one vote namely our like separate from unite republic Indonesian and they think false make Indonesian.
If not have one solution in west papua can worry that racism papua not long time will genocide they land ascend, before this land have by short hair black skin but not long time again attach comer which unknow where they come.

Rally of consensus west papua known many program to west papua how it is very our can execution as west papua donot must diversate of state united republic Indonesian. Althougt this all make in this land and never finded finish solution nation west papua which along time think as archipelago Indonesia worry conflict until now do not is symbols pacify. Us also as sun nations west papua comparison don,t let this happen ongoing along but soon seek one round peace cause with out want peace and us desire west papua would development this one dream afternon which truth not will event.

Don,t ever give many program in land west papua but, pursue what you withdraw cause you true still don,t bundle so can would come again any where. Then if truth give so with indeed heart don,t cause event riot so quickly likely throw stone unknown where it will fallen. Cause with not conscious this if bite a noun block so keen sight again and can impact risk big to us self. That stories outonomi special and unite quickly development papua and west papua (UP4B) which now gove central government to papua society.

Government also this never conscious that first program have realities not walked not suitable hope, but very stupid government so force coming one program new this only deterrence consensus only west papua. Writer have any question namely: who ask so are program new on land papua? Ever program ago about outonomi special implementation fluntly? When successes program outonomy special? 

Why with issues eflorescence regency and province?

The very not logicaly if government have wish add eflorescence regency or provinces entire land papua as solution finish up conflict land papua. Cause, while ideology society papua fight unable answer with seriously. Because this ideology any where one century also never find point meet finish up, so desire put in this writter also that government have dream it is very west papua only usually slim together with NKRI continue must seek before speak society papua to it ideology.

Beneath it all government this state also need compatible with main basic which expance with political aflorecence offering regency or province this was would accept open hand or not? Cause, yield research that never able when society papua ask potatoes desire rice or bort.
Also society which want to ideology  ideology it surely would refuse ongoing to purpose ask they total payment. For it government not have innovation give add regency or province in entire papua. It cause only come back to government center now how we regulate how it,s very ideology which still stopped this we must hold and finish up.

Fight society papua very clear it they don,t ask welfare by eflorescence, infrastructure, development, economic, welfare and etc. other they question iti,s very ideology as one nations which truth separate with name NKRI. So next time government have heart honest to finish up land papua also usually movement.

As government which democrating importance teach conscious society west papua that anyone they desire responsibility. So the mark state democration can recognize by other state.
Where after anywhere isuess that are region operation new (DOB) 33 regency province entire soil papua action student/lecture opposite and action in entire this state very sharp. Until are lecture from papua lecture alliance (AMP) in some regency start longmarch until as reality refuse region DOB new this are lecture which rallies until brave entrance front in office minister state (MENDAGRI), for give continue stagment until entrance room.

After we look evolution fight tier lecture west papua also society to it society not goback with all offering which give by Indonesian government but add crooked from it and principle permanent to fog they power. Known to strive top point ideology as one nations which stopped it need open big and can recognization as government.

Because not are fact other which can hiden when this society papua understand and wish they to strive ideology which has to trampeled down by this government. Also this time if we capable took experiences ago so special outonomy to society papua never gove positive value to census  papua so ever refuse again. When UP4B or acceleration unite papua and west papua which ever launching also never deeply refuse row to icensus ideology.   

Why with outonomy plus?

Special outonomy plus also ever launching by government but it also ever hit back by papua society. This Because special outonomy plus don,t new program but only isues fund of add. Whole unsuitable descend in papua so peace or pacify solution between Jakarta and papua to must recognization as one nations west papua.

Also us still unsure merely outonomy plus, whole society papua disprove with hard that outonomy plus are massiving it. Because, all policy dimention government RI on west papua is futile. So end of the way this program government also must ready or supply self to have capable which truth solve problematic difficult which still circle us it together. 

Without are comparation also contryes quickly responsive all sight which society papua eclamation until dropeyes made a blooded. On end from it us surely also that would answer suitable with desire society papua when century deeply eaten salt with this state poverty. 

Reference: Sekedar Tanggapan atas segala Program Jakarta Kepada Rakyat Papua. 

Penulis adalah Mahasiswa Asal Papua Kuliah di UNIVERSITAS WAHID HASYIM SEMARANG (UNWAHAS).



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