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TPN-OPM Ask Yourself degree SBY Open Talks

Jonah Wenda, Jubir TPN-OPM (Foto: tabloidjubi.com)Jonah Wenda, Jubir TPN-OPM (Foto: tabloidjubi.com)

PAPUAN, Jayapura, West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB) and the Free Papua Movement (OPM) asked for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) to open up, and to negotiate with Papuans, mediated a neutral third party and independent.
"It aims to stop all violent conflict that occurred in Papua," said a spokesman for TPN-OPM, Jonah Wenda, during a news conference at the Hotel Matos Square, Abepura, Jayapura, on Tuesday (03/12/2013) afternoon.
According to Wenda, since Indonesia entered Papua, Papuan people's right to life is always suppressed, by making arbitrary arrests, including the jailed Papuan activists critical of government policy.

From year to year, Wenda also saw the Indonesian government has always been military-police sent in large quantities to the land of Papua, especially to secure areas of the government business area.
"When people are indigenous Papuans born and fought against the policy of the Indonesian government, we have always been stigmatized movement security vandals, terrorists, and even separatist. In fact, if you want to see the same movement with the movement as Indonesia fought against the invaders, "says Wenda.
Wenda also saw political prisoners and political prisoners in Papua is increasing, because it represents the TPN-OPM calls for them to be released unconditionally.
In addition, Wenda also requested that the Indonesian government and the Papuan people can sit together, and looking for penyelesaiaan Papua issue by holding talks, as assessed it as the best solution.
"We are also aware of TPN-OPM, the ways of violence will never resolve the problems in Papua, therefore let us sit together and talk, so that there is a common good in the future," said the Wenda.
Representing the TPN-OPM, Wenda also rejected the concept of Jakarta-Papua dialogue that later campaigned several parties, because that way it will not solve the problem value in Papua completely and thoroughly.
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