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Puncak Jaya West Papua Return Heats: TNI Shoot Civilians Papua 1 & 2 Women Raped

Papua's Puncak Jaya re-heated, the Indonesian National Army (TNI) shot one civilian indigenous Papuans, origin Tingginambut District. TNI shot one civilian was home when the victim did Tingginambut District perjajalan in Kampung Yamo. He was shot by the military, a distance of 100 meters from the TNI post Tingginambut District. The victim had been shot with a rifle bullet fire (Tima heat) through the right thigh, and while the victim is still critical.Victims of Identity:Name: Wundiwili TabuniAge: 25 yearsGender: MaleIncident Date: March 21, 2013Incident Location: Kampung YamoActors: TNI Battalion 753 from Nabire, Papua

The source to WPNLA, "before Wundiwili shot, Army Tingginambut at Yamo District, there is one tank and flag Rev. They say that the Papuan people through here we'll shoot ", he said.Sources claimed that it was delivered by one of the soldiers to the source, who did not want his name published in WNLA, but is permitted to be written that Tabuni clan.In addition, on Saturday (03/23/2013), there was the rape of two women by the military of unity Nabire 753, Post Tingginambut District. Both of them rape victims, Regina Murib Weresina Tabuni 25 years and 22 years of Kampung wargam Tingginambut District.A brief description of the two women who had been raped by the military as follows: Regina Murib raped by five Army personnel of the entity 753 Nabire, assigned Tingginambut district, Puncak Jaya regency, Papua. Then the victim on behalf Weresina Tabuni raped by the 10 Army personnel Nabire 753. It was reportedly one of the families of the victims of honor, after he was informed of the event, via mobile phones to WPNLA.Asked to related sources Wuniwili shooting is really happening? Sources said "it really Wundiwili shot by TN, I get it I also heard," he told WPNLA Admin.Indonesian Military fishing the West Papua National Liberation Army, by shooting civilians and raped women are not human. This military violated human rights, because the military did not fight against civilians, but the TPN-OPM that killed TNI.If the military wanted revenge rather than to civil society, but look for the TPN-OPM. What more could a woman who does not know anything raped. This is really breaking the Human Rights of the people, by the TNI Battalion 753 from Nabire in Puncak Jaya, Papua.In fact, if the military officials to fight against TPN-OPM is not wrong, not against civilians. Resistance or the war in Puncak Jaya between TPN-OPM and the TNI is appropriate alias Geneva Convention rules of war.Because TPN-OPM take the fight to maintain the integrity of the nation of Papua to independence and full sovereignty as independent states in the world. While the TNI to maintain Papua into the Republic of Indonesia as an integral part, without a clear legal basis of the historical and cultural.Security Forces of the Republic of Indonesia also forced the natives of Papua, to mengindonesiakan into Homeland limited by the will of conscience. But the fact remains that Indonesia failed mengindonesiakan Papua native into the Homeland.Papuan people really know and realize that Indonesia is a thief, robber, murderer, rapist, and is committed acts disgraceful and cruel this disebitkan over Papuan ancestral lands. With this basis, the TPN-OPM keep fighting continues to drive criminals Indonesia.Finally, after the shooting peritiwa on (03.21.2013) and the rape of two women (23/03/3013). The situation in Puncak Jaya heats today, the victim's family difficulties ter treatment of gunshot victims Wundiwili, and the two women rape victims experience pain. Please attention to human rights violations in the District Tingginambut, Puncak Jaya regency. Voiced hope that the splitting these rights seriously.Similarly, WPNLA thank you for your attention. Stay with us at WPNLA News!Admin WPNLA 2013-03
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